How to balance Personal & Professional Life and Grow Spiritually with NLP & Chakra Meditation within 21 Days?

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About Me

I’m Aditi Basrar, mother of 2 adorable kids, wife to a loving husband, a working woman turned homemaker turned Life Coach.

I help working professionals in their personal Growth with a unique combination of Science and Spirituality (NLP and Power of Meditation) for a balanced life.

Since my childhood, I used to be a very calm & reserved person with a very high spiritual connection and sensed many times presence of some guiding force which helped me and kept me safe from many unseen troubles and mis-happenings. I had deep inclination towards mind and spirituality.

Being a great observer, I always used to observe people struggling in different aspects of their life and hence unable to experience a true state of happiness. Deep down I always had the desire to become someone to create an impact and help people to overcome their challenges.

I decided to master the subject and started learning deeply about Mind & Spirituality from many renowned foundations & mentors.

And now I’m on a mission to help 1 million lives by 2025 to heal their life through Mind & Spiritual Growth to have a healthy, happy, and balanced life.